Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fundraising with Cookie Dough

Scrumptious Cookies Raise Big Dough!

Who wouldn't want to eat the most delicious, gooey, tasty cookies, when all they have to do is scoop and bake?

Emma Lou's: 13 scrumptious flavors, including M&Ms, Chocolate Chunk, Hershey's, Reeses...

NEW - Elite Retreats: includes 6 delicious cookie flavors, pretzels, muffins...

Free Brochures
Free Shipping
No Money Up Front
Up-to 56% Profit

Tip: Sell even more by having baked samples on hand at your office, bake sale or busy event.

For more information on Cookie Dough fundraising, see the... Cookie Dough Page.


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